Blog Guidelines

I believe in fostering a thriving online community here on The Visualist.  I welcome comments, differing points of view and vigorous debate.

I do not get any special compensation to write this blog or to say particular things.  However, I do work for the company I founded and am currently the CTO at Mersive. With that said, the content posted on The Visualist are my sole thoughts and opinions and do not necessarily represent Mersive corporate statements or shared views by all who work at Mersive.

Readers can be confident that I will:

– Refrain from posting a link to any material I have not read thoroughly  and carefully.

– Make sure I understand important concepts presented in source  material and explain to my readers concepts at the foundation of my analyses.

– Update entries as new material becomes available.

– Correct my errors and omissions promptly and publicly on the post where the error was made. If the error is egregious, I will additionally write a  new, explanatory post.

– Reply to correspondence as necessary promptly and politely.

My comments policy:

I require an email address to post a comment. I will not use your email address for any purpose other than its role as comment  verification. As the CTO at Mersive, I reserve the right not to publish content and/or comments that may raise any potential liability for the company.