It sounds like ISE 2013 is shaping up as I had hoped.  Lots of energy, a huge turnout, and enough interesting technology to give everyone something to talk about over dinner in Amsterdam (that is if you don’t go to a coffee shop first).  Solstice had its European debut today, and the turnout from ISE attendees was fantastic.  It’s great that a wide range of manufacturers, resellers and end users are at ISE with truly open minds to experience new ways of doing things.  In the case of Solstice, we have replaced several decades of video switching, scaling, and wall controller hardware with easy-to-use software.  Everyone in attendance for the live demos was supportive.   We gave an overview of the software, and then we focused on some of the cool features that are made possible with Solstice:

  • Any number of users sharing video and desktop applications simultaneously to a single display.
  • Each user able to share more than a single application or video at the same time, which is an awesome way to multiply the  screen real estate on your mobile device.
  • Any user can control the position/scale/layout of any other users shared media.
  • Screaming-fast frame rates over existing wireless networks (i.e. A 720p can be shared to a display at 60hz)!

Thank you to everyone who attended and provided feedback. We’ll continue to strive toward creating software that is both cutting edge and useful to you. The official launch of Solstice is only 27 days away. If you’ve missed any of the demos we’ve done, stay tuned for a trial download so you’ll be able to install and try it for yourself.

About Christopher Jaynes

Jaynes received his doctoral degree at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he worked on camera calibration and aerial image interpretation technologies now in use by the federal government. Jaynes received his BS degree with honors from the School of Computer Science at the University of Utah. In 2004, he founded Mersive and today serves as the company's Chief Technology Officer. Prior to Mersive, Jaynes founded the Metaverse Lab at the University of Kentucky, recognized as one of the leading laboratories for computer vision and interactive media and dedicated to research related to video surveillance, human-computer interaction, and display technologies.

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