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  • I’ve had my eye on pico projection technology since 2003 when rumors of research efforts underway at many of the major hardware manufacturers began to impact some of the ongoing conversations at the early Projector-Camera workshops. Seven years later I’ve seen a growing number of pico projectors being demonstrated at the major display and A/V tradeshows.  So far, the promise has far outweighed the reality and most pico projectors are demonstration units only. In fact, one demo I saw at ISE in Amsterdam involved paper clips jammed into the venting elements of the pico projector to keep it from ...Read More »

  • The displays we use as part of our computational environments have evolved along the traditional hardware paths, becoming brighter, somewhat better, quite a bit cheaper. The $300, 21-inch LCD display I am using today is far better than the 9-inch green screen, attached to the Commodore PET that I used to (try) and run a BBS on in 1981.  That said, it’s surprising to me how relatively slow the evolution of displays has been compared to other aspects of computing.  Display evolution has not reached the ...Read More »

  • The Game Developers Conference (GDC) held an interesting panel yesterday entitled “A Debate: Are Social Games Legitimate."  This topic is exactly on point with a conversation I had with my brother Jonathan and Mike Awful recently. I was pondering, how is it that so many people are lured by the incredibly simplistic and often repetitive click-behaviors of social games? A longing for simplicity and distraction in a world where most games are driven by ever increasing realism and complexity? A sense of social accomplishment that is so hard ...Read More »