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  • The 2011 RoboGames have begun. I realize this blog is mostly focused on aspects of visual computing, but during my graduate days, a major influence on the design of computer vision systems was its supportive role in robotic platforms. I come from the embodied AI school of thought that strongly ties cognition to aspects of the physical platform (how can the general concept of “contain” appear in a being without something like a hand that can contain objects?). So, I am really excited to see all the new humanoid-only ...Read More »

  • We had a customer in our office today who made a comment about our being a good "Earth day" company when they saw the bicycles in the hallway.  The fact is many of us at Mersive ride our bikes to work every day regardless, but it made me think what a good Earth day company we are because of what we bring to the marketplace. When we help our partners and customers create a virtual projector by using commodity hardware and Mersive’s software, the result is a display size and image quality that is a fraction of the cost, in a ...Read More »

  • Laval Virtual 2011 has drawn to a close this year and by all accounts, it was an amazing event.  The conference is held in Laval, France and draws together the science and industry of Virtual Reality in a complex mash-up of new untested technologies, ideas, and established products. The energy at the conference in times past is a testament to the future of Virtual Reality and the impact it will have as it becomes part of our everyday lives (no VR is not dead!). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to the show this year, but I’ve spoken to ...Read More »