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  • I’m in Baltimore today at the annual National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) conference. The conference brings together innovators, business leaders and scientists who are funded by the NSF. I look forward to participating in this conference every year as an opportunity to reconnect with interesting people who are working on a range of problems including new lightweight materials, nano manufacturing, advances in biotechnology  and energy, and computing and information technology.  This is a ...Read More »

  • I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all of you who have pointed out Mersive’s role in the White House Situation Room setup and have been sending us pictures and video that show how it looked this weekend. We are glad to have been in a position to provide our leaders with a super high resolution, beyond HD, seamless image for their video feed. It’s always exciting to see how years of scientific research, properly productized can have real ...Read More »