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  • Commercial Integrator magazine recently ran an article entitled the “10 Wacky Uses of Digital Signage”. It’s a fun and interesting look into a diverse set of interactive digital signage applications. The article describes displays that range from users posting photos on a McDonald’s media wall for free food, to a 44x42 meter display projected on the side of buildings for Nike’s “Write the Future” World Cup soccer ad campaign. While the range of applications is impressive, none of the examples seem that “wacky” to me. In fact, there are two common threads in ...Read More »

  • The Build Windows Conference is underway today and I’m planning on paying careful attention to how the user-interface and graphical architecture is impacted by Windows 8. Plenty of rumors have already been floating around related to new levels of support for touch and gestural interfaces (not a big surprise) a focus on virtualization (perhaps a bigger surprise), and cleaner ways to distrubute applications to end-users. The most interesting rumors have been centered around a different UI paradigm, codenamed “Mosh”. As popular as it was to be a Microsoft-bashing, information-must-be-free Unix hacker in my formative years, I’ve always ...Read More »