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  • I just wanted to let anyone who will be at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) know that Mersive Sol will be on display there in the Canon booth #1F80.  This is a good example of the flexibility of Sol to create a large, seamless, beyond-HD display using low cost commodity projectors.  This particular display will use ultra-short throw projectors, an approach we brought to market a year ago and uses almost zero footprint.  Our partner Antycip Simulation created this setup and it's worth swinging by the Canon booth to take a ...Read More »

  • Well, really the sharks are projected with lasers but I couldn’t resist the super villainy visual of “sharks with lasers.” At the end of my OLED post I promised to cover other illumination advances at CES this year. Laser-based illumination was used in a variety of applications. The basics of this technology are: a directionally controlled laser either strikes a display surface to scan an image quickly or the laser stimulates another material (typically a phosphor) that then emits a particular color. For example, Prysm combines a violet light laser with a phosphor panel to create ...Read More »

  • The International Consumer Electronics Show has always been an interesting birthing ground for new display technologies and this year seems no different. One product getting lots of attention is the new super skinny 55-inch television from LG that uses OLEDs to create a great picture with deep black level, and saturated color. Knowing my long history in the display industry, several people have asked me to explain to them what OLEDs are so it seemed like a good opportunity to do a post here in case others out there are looking for some background about the science of ...Read More »