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  • Leap Motion released information about the Leap, their upcoming 3D motion sensor. Just in the fledgling of touchscreen displays, along comes a new device that might change the way we interact with our computers entirely. It’s also fast, cheap, and extremely precise. The product is still in development, and won’t be available until as early as December 2012. But it's already is being dubbed as  a threat to Microsoft’s Kinect. I’ve actually talked with these guys about their technology, and I was even impressed while they were still in stealth mode. Now that they have launched to ...Read More »

  • I’m back on the road again this week and was reflecting on the plane about last week’s trip to the NVIDIA GTC Conference and Emerging Companies Summit. I’ve attended this gathering of the GPU community in the past, but I’m struck by how much momentum this industry has gained throughout the past year. New hardware initiatives (Kepler), new algorithms being moved to the highly parallel GPU, and new companies emerging to build products. In the Mersive booth we demonstrated a 3400 x 800 pixel, eight-foot-wide display composed ...Read More »

  • This week I’ve been in San Jose, CA at the Nvidia GPU Technology Conference, where Mersive was invited to present as part of their Emerging Companies Summit, and our CEO was invited to speak as part of the “CEO’s on Stage” portion of the event. I know many of my readers are interested in industry trends and want to know about the "hottest" products/announcements coming out of the GPU ecosystem.  The most obvious announcement is that Nvidia is migrating GPU computing to the cloud.  I won’t go too much into the importance of cloud-based computing, because a post focused on the ...Read More »

  • Although I follow all display technologies, projectors have a unique quality you just won’t find in a flat panel LCD. Artists, engineers and experience designers have been making use of the ability to illuminate arbitrary surfaces to create some truly wonderful visual environments more and more. By relaying an image directly onto a surface, projectors offer an interesting approach to augmented reality (AR). This technique is used often in advertising, where branding graphics will be generated onto a building or wall ideally in a crowded location, such as Grand ...Read More »

  • I have to say, I was quite surprised to learn Extron has pulled the plug on their booth at both InfoComm this year. InfoComm is the largest pro A/V trade show in the world. It has around 900 exhibitors, more than 30,000 attendees and is covered by about 400 journalists. Extron is one of the biggest players in the A/V game (head scratching). I’ve had a lot of people ask me if I think this can be viewed as a harbinger of things to come for the A/V industry, so here are my thoughts. InfoComm is on the calendar ...Read More »

  • Rob Balgley (our CEO) caught up with me over breakfast today about his adventures from last week’s technology and marketing roadshow with Sapphire Marketing.  The show had events in Boston and New York, and it sounded like it was a real success. The Delta Solarium was on display, and Rob met a large number of people from the industry that could use a low cost, very high-resolution complete display wall. This event brought together visualization specialists, educational partners, design consultants and architects.  As he was describing the different conversations he had, I was struck by ...Read More »