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  • Another InfoComm has come and gone! I have to admit I spent the vast majority of my time in the Mersive booth during the day and in business meetings at night that sometimes ran into the wee hours. But I do appreciate everyone that came by, it was fun. We broke our record for number of visitors this year, and apparently InfoComm attendance was up four percent from last year. There were also a few things that got me excited outside of the circle of  Mersive’s traditional ecosystem of partners. 3D cameras made it to the showfloor this year ...Read More »

  • I'm attending the Projection Summit conference today.  It's a yearly gathering of the projection-based display community that precedes Infocomm.  The event has grown substantially and is better attended than the last few years, which is a good indicator of the health of the market.  However,  so far the advances being discussed seem incremental at best.  In the first hour of the conference, I've heard the same concept paraphrased at least four times: that despite the general impression that projection technology is stagnant, there are a lot of interesting advances to discuss. Thou Protesteth Too Much. Most of the focus is on ...Read More »

  • Today I’m in Las Vegas for this year’s InfoComm and Projection Summit. This is always an exciting time of year for A/V. It’s fun to see the new technologies, approaches and advancements coming out of an ever-growing industry. I ran into this article on the way out here, and it occurred to me that there seems to be an exceptional amount of success in laser and solid-state illumination projectors. It’s quite remarkable that the growth in projectors sales for this year are set to be 20 percent higher than 2011. This may be a direct result of the ...Read More »