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  • I often lament the over-marketed world we live in. Can you imagine a world where residents vote to name their own sports stadiums?  Where the soda you purchase at a movie isn’t covered by the name of the manufacturer but rather by appealing images selected based on aesthetic quality? Where everything we see isn’t covered in the branding of the companies who want us to buy their products? Given my sentiments about our advertising-saturated world, it’s a welcomed change to see there are others out there who ...Read More »

  • I’ve been asked for hiring advice from other small companies in the past, and as we’re gearing up to grow our staff again, I have these thoughts on my mind about the things that help companies like mine hire talented software engineers. Certainly, culture is an important factor.  In Mersive’s case, we are positioned two blocks from the Rockies Stadium (Coors Field) in the historic Ball Park District of Denver. Our office is surrounded by breweries, bars and restaurants. In our office, we’ve got a foosball table, a dart board, bean bag chairs, and a slew of big displays showing our ...Read More »

  • Last week, Microsoft announced its plans to acquire Perceptive Pixel. If you’ve been working in the AV industry, or are interested in new models of human-computer interaction, or simply have seen multi-touch interfaces on large-scale displays, then you are aware of Perceptive Pixel.  If you aren’t one of these people, Perceptive Pixel enables true multi-touch at large scale (as opposed to touch technologies that are restricted to small iPhone-like surfaces) and sells these awesome touch-and-pen-enabled displays. First, congratulations Jeff!  Jeff Han founded Perceptive Pixel in 2006, and ...Read More »

  • John Carmack, lead programmer at id Software and creator of Doom, is obsessed with Virtual Reality. At E3 this year, he showed off his Virtual Reality head-mounted display running off an adapted version of Doom 3 BFG Edition for PC. Many of the participants were impressed by the console, which immerses the player in the game world. The demo set was constructed with a strap obviously borrowed from ski goggles and attached with gaffers tape… It’s definitely not a finished product, but it’s enough to get people (including me) talking. Virtual Reality headsets are not a new concept. They have ...Read More »