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  • Large-scale, immersive projection can provide a visually explosive perspective compared to looking at just a flat screen.  Displays that wrap the user in information are fairly uncommon and usually found in industries that make critical decisions about massive data (yes, there are displays that look similar to the immersive dome used by Professor X.) Our customers are a great example  -- ranging from geophysitsts looking for the next great energy reserve, to designers collaboratively visualizing cloth patterns for NYC Fashion Week.  Of course, Mersive wasn't founded to only support the world's top decision centers and collaboration ...Read More »

  • Double Robotics has announced that it will release the Double, a self-balancing telepresence robot, this December. This means that for perhaps the first time ever, a true multi-functional robot will be relatively accessible to the public, or at least anyone with $2,000 and a couple of iPads. Double is basically an iPad app combined with a robotic stand on a set of wheels. The Double holds one iPad while a second iPad (or iPhone, Android, PC) runs an app that becomes the remote control. Very cool. While telepresence is ...Read More »

  • It looks as though lots of people are realizing what my co-founder Steven Webb and I recognized in 2008 when we moved the Mersive offices to Denver, Colo.  - Denver is a great place to run a startup! VentureBeat, a Web-based publication that covers technology and startups, published a list yesterday of the top five American cities for startups. And Denver made the list! Denver is a city teeming with 20- and 30-somethings who aren’t content being buried in a big-company nine-to-five job.  We’ve found it easy to attract amazing individuals here at Mersive.  And the lifestyle in Denver (great food, incredible summer/winter sports, ...Read More »