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  • Many cities claim to be the "next Silicon Valley," or at least that's what they hope. But few of them actually have the right ingredients to get the virtuous cycle of entrepreneurship and financial success rolling. It's the first annual Startup Week here in Denver. I was out last night at the Cowboy Lounge for the Tech Cocktail event, which was an equal mix of beer drinking and technology demos. I was amazed by the vibrant startup scene there with entrepreneures of all types bumping into one another at the bar and discussing their ideas. Denver is only 30 miles from Boulder, and it looks like Boulder was ...Read More »

  • As I've mentioned before, Denver is really turning into a hub for technology and startup culture. The inaugural Denver Startup Week, which just kicked off today, will further highlight the entrepreneurial community in Denver on a regional and national level, and it solidifies the City's commitment entrepreneurs and the interesting things they create. There are more than 70 free events such as the Startup Crawl, Pitch to TechStars and the Tech Cocktail. There will also be sessions held such as 10 Lessons from a Boot Strapped Start Up, Culture & Values, and How to Hire Developers in a Competitive Market. At Mersive, ...Read More »

  • OK, now you might be wondering, “What exactly is Audio-Visual (AV) Week?” I wondered the same thing and found that AV week is “a week-long celebration of all things AV.” Obviously. I also quickly learned that Mersive doesn’t recognize it as an official holiday. Bummer. I was hoping to spend AV Week testing a few home theater display products that our partners have been nice enough to supply, and then I'd spend the rest of the week watching the first season of Walking Dead. I’m not sure we need an entire week to celebrate one industry, but we live in a society where we ...Read More »

  • Is it true that broadcast standards are an impediment to TV innovation?  Sometimes I think global standards, when monopolizing a technology, have a lifecycle that is tied to manufacturing. It usually takes at least five years for a large company to benefit from a re-tooling of a manufacturing facility. Obviously, for fast-moving software companies, five years may as well be decades.  I’ve known people who have developed a concept, raised financing, hired a team, built a product, and sold that new product in less than a year. What value do standards have in this environment? I’ve seen a lot of concern around this issue before ...Read More »

  • Projection mapping, a form of augmented reality, is an interesting mix of physics and engineering; mixing together projector technology, aspects of projective geometry, optics, computer graphics and experiential art.  I've posted multiple times about how projection mapping is a great tool for artistic expression, ranging from sophisticated art installations to projection-mapped bodies in live performances. Now projection mapping is even beginning to play a role in the fashion world as a way to give customers a virtualized impression of an article of clothing or an entire fashion line without changing out the mannequins' attire. Read More »

  • Well almost.  I arrived in Santa Clara last night to introduce our newest product at DEMO tomorrow.  There’s an embargo here so I can’t share any details about the product before midnight tonight, but I can share some history with you.  This is the thing that gets me into the office at 7 a.m. on weekends.  It’s something I’ve been working on for years. In 2007 I wrote a proposal to the National Science Foundation that described how intelligent software could be combined with the world's public displays to create a truly shared infrastructure that would ...Read More »