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  • It’s Friday, and it’s 70 degrees outside (although it’ll probably snow tomorrow).  I’m finally in town for Mersive’s Friday afternoon beer and ideas session. We've got interesting folks in the office interviewing for our open positions. It’s been a day to slow down and catch up on projects (and people) that I’ve neglected too long.  I’ve even had time to take a look at some of the projects that people send to me (thanks for doing it and keep them coming).  These are my favorites. Check them out.  I think you’ll find them as cool as I do. 1. Unidisplay in Milan: Read More »

  • Where do great ideas come from? I've had students periodically ask me this – perhaps looking for a common methodology that will inspire a thesis, a new company or a career. I recently found myself stumped in response to this question posed to me in a press interview about the origins of Solstice. I’ve found it’s hard to vocalize my own internal creative process. Try to find a pattern in your ideas. It might be difficult to grasp, somewhat like detailing a dream. But there are ...Read More »