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  • The path from scientific innovation to truly new products and especially the creation of new markets can be very long.  Although Mersive was founded in 2006, our work is based on technology that I've been involved with since 1997.  Recently I had a dinner conversation with a great group of thinkers who asked me to compare Mersive's historical path to other display technologies or companies that have had an impact. They were looking for patterns of innovation beyond displays. RCA and its early development of LCD technology immediately came to mind. In 1964 RCA vice president, James Hillier, envisioned mobile, flat-screen televisions. ...Read More »

  • Mersive introduced Sol software to the simulation market in 2006. Every year since then, we’ve had a presence at the largest simulation, modeling and training conference, I/ITSEC. Our cofounder Steve Webb is in Orlando this week for the I/ITSEC show, where we are supporting customers and partners who are designing and building amazing display experiences for flight, drive and ship simulation.  One of the highlights will be Mersive’s Sol software powering the Portable Reconfigurable Cockpit & Dome System in Zedasoft’s booth (#1973). The dome display at I/ITSEC is a replica of the dual dome ...Read More »