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  • I recently ran into this article pointing to both Gartner and Forrester research indicating that IT spending will increase in 2013. Gartner predicts an increase of 4.2 percent from 2012, and Forrester predicts an increase of 5.4 percent, with a solid 7.5 percent growth in the US alone. This means a modest growth of IT spending for 2013. Forrester analysts also predict a strong increase in spending on IT services, especially on software related to mobility, analytics and collaboration.   I’m imagining that much ...Read More »

  • It sounds like ISE 2013 is shaping up as I had hoped.  Lots of energy, a huge turnout, and enough interesting technology to give everyone something to talk about over dinner in Amsterdam (that is if you don’t go to a coffee shop first).  Solstice had its European debut today, and the turnout from ISE attendees was fantastic.  It’s great that a wide range of manufacturers, resellers and end users are at ISE with truly open minds to experience new ways of doing things.  In the case of Solstice, we have replaced several decades of video switching, scaling, and ...Read More »

  • Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam is quickly approaching, and it is already giving off a more innovative vibe than in years past.  Could it be that traditional A/V is finally being swept aside for more dynamic software-based, user-centric, and forward thinking solutions?  I certainly hope so.  If you’ve never been to ISE, it is a conference dominated by video-switching and control companies like Crestron and AMX, display/audio manufacturers, and A/V resellers.  Lots of cables, video standards talk and racks of displays.  In the past I've considered this conference to be somewhat behind the times; for instance two ...Read More »

  • Samsung has been on a roll. They seem to be a great predictor of which core technologies will make it into our consumer devices.  Samsung’s ‘Youm’ display, the one that so many other blogs have been discussing, was at CES. The flexible OLED display was certainly interesting, and Samsung demonstrated a handheld prototype that was very sexy-bendy.  But I have to admit, I was disappointed.  Not because of Youm, but because of what Samsung did not show this year. I was hoping to see Samsung demonstrate ...Read More »

  • The most exciting technology innovations in 2013 will almost certainly be the ones that blogs (including this one) don’t identify until they are upon us.  That being said, there are a few trends that I know I will be watching take hold in 2013.  If you are in the visual computing or A/V business, you may want to be expecting these as well: 1)    The Second Screen – It seems like people just can’t get enough information these days. Many of us remember sitting around a single television and, as a group, deciding on which one of 10 channels to watch. ...Read More »