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  • What are the most important advantages of a startup over more traditional big companies? Speed and agility.  I know there are tons of books about how to create and grow a successful startup (some good and some very bad). As Mersive goes through the last frantic few days before launching a new product to our lineup - I feel like I am having a moment of clarity about the clear advantages of a startup that I thought I'd share, before the fog returns. We will be bringing Solstice to market within a week.  Solstice is based on ideas I had ...Read More »

  • The term “BYOD” is everywhere. It seemed to come out of the blue, and ever since I haven’t been able to get through a week without it being referenced: in meetings I attend; in conference programs and event panel discussions; on Twitter and LinkedIn discussions; and in almost every technology publication out there.  The cynic in me sometimes wonders why we need an acronym to prop up a simple concept that people like to use their own things and not other people's. But it is important to both IT and AV folks, and the issues that employees create by using their own device in a corporate environment are real. Besides reading ...Read More »

  • Although it is quite easy to predict the demise of the traditional daily-driver PC in lieu of tablet and mobile devices, it’s a challenge to understand the implications of that from a business perspective.  Many companies have been making strategic moves towards BYOD throughout the past few years to keep up with this trend. Although it’s hard to re-invent a company strategy in relation to information control (particularly for large companies), the first step is acceptance of new trends.  If you find yourself doubting that our computing environments are about to dramatically change, maybe this data I came across recently ...Read More »

  • We have all become familiar with the set of candidates that are lining up to replace the traditional keyboard and mouse as the primary interaction paradigm.  At this point, almost all of us have experience using multi-touch, and many of us have experience using voice and gesture control. Very little of my day involves the mouse and keyboard anymore – I write emails and blog entries on the touchpad of my tablet and I product plan using voice input and Evernote on my smartphone, which is a far cry from my programming days that had me tapping at my keyboard for eight ...Read More »