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  • Earlier this year, I did a post about visualization trends and predictions I had for 2013. I see and hear about many of these trends in the news all the time. Allison Morris recently sent me this graphic that examines the smartphone competition between Samsung and Apple – and why Samsung could end up ahead. Although Apple has a higher profit per phone and ranked 1st in smartphone brand loyalty, Samsung has more revenue, more employees, more R&D spending, and they sold more phones than Apple in 2012. I’m thinking that 2013 could be the year that Samsung could take ...Read More »

  • I'm both a fan and a detractor of multi-touch, and at the Solstice press event tomorrow in New York City, I plan to wear both hats. I believe in multi-touch, but not in the way it was originally envisioned. You see, multi-touch was largely born out of research into Human-Computer Interaction throughout the early 2000s. The initial focus of this work was on how to enable larger displays with the ability to detect and respond to many touch points simultaneously. Companies like Perceptive Pixel (now acquired by Microsoft) led the charge into markets that wanted better ways to ...Read More »