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  • Mersive is in the business of making beautiful high-fidelity displays.  In this business, it turns out that what is beautiful may be, in part, determined by your customer's sex. Over the past six years, we've been developing software that transforms a set of ordinary projectors into seamless displays composed of tens of millions of pixels.  As our engineering and science teams work on new algorithms with the objective of a perfect seamless image, I often remind them that image quality, though sometimes characterized in objective measures, is really only important at a subjective level.  In fact, aspects of how ...Read More »

  • We’ve been nominated as a Best of Interop finalist.  I’ve talked with some of the folks at Interop, and it was great to learn they share our excitement about Solstice. More importantly Interop is an IT-focused conference, so they recognize Solstice for what it represents in the IT world: A revolution that will transform displays from individual hard-to-access hardware components into IT-managed infrastructure. Solstice is the first software to move what are now more than 93 trillion pixels into the managed IT landscape.  Those pixels are ...Read More »

  • There has been no shortage of speculation about the potential of an iTV entering the market later this year.  I have been following the evolution of the Apple TV box for quite a while, particularly because Solstice has been called “Apple TV on Steroids” by more than one of our customers.  Currently these two products have different focus, but the ability to efficiently stream live video from mobile devices to a television are common to both.  Some of our enterprise customers who are interested in enabling conference room collaboration have purchased Apple TVs with the hope that its ability to ...Read More »

  • I’ve posted about Google Glass before and I thought I’d revisit the topic when I saw news that Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and Andreessen Horowitz are creating Glass Collective – a startup funding initiative that focuses on stimulating a development community for the Google Glass platform.  It’s a fairly obvious move as fundamentally new hardware platforms usually need assistance in creating a vibrant app community. Glass Collective was formed to promote a fairly aggressive vision where glass is a new computing platform and the launch vehicle for a new class of ...Read More »