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  • The multi-projector era has arrived!  Yesterday the VESA standards organization voted to support the Multiple Projector Common Data Interchange (MPCDI) standard.  This is the same organization that developed a majority of the video standards in use today including DisplayPort.  Mersive and a host of other companies operating in the multi-projector space (i.e. AMD, Barco, Christie, Disney) came together more than a year ago with the goal of standardizing how multi-projector walls can be deployed and used. The central ...Read More »

  • Virtually all aspects of the traditional computing environment are undergoing a great physical migration - your CPU, GPU, memory, data, applications, are all moving away from your person (your pockets, desktop, living room) to vast computing centers distributed all over the globe.  The end result of this migration is the cloud, which is referred to by many people (I think far too glibly). As a technologist/futurist, I have to ask myself, what does this imply?  This is a question anyone in a technology role -product managers, ...Read More »

  • I've always been interested in the sociology and science of creativity in the workplace. After being lucky enough to be part of early efforts at the National Science Foundation in 2007  to establish the creative computing program I have followed both commercial and academic efforts to understand and foster creativity in the workplace.  After the launch of Solstice and its focus on enabling collaboration in the conference room, I've become obsessed with looking at how companies foster collaboration in the conference room. Everyone, at some level, understands that creativity and collaboration are important to innovative companies ...Read More »

  • I am back from the Interop show in Vegas and in-between press interviews, customer meetings, and haunting the showroom floor, I was able to spend a little time out in the electronic-consumer-jungle, that is Las Vegas proper.  I had a few of our partners and colleagues ask me to check out their AV projects in the area and offer comment.  Of course I agreed, I’ve always found Vegas to be an interesting and dense mix of cutting edge AV technologies that are just finding their way into practical application. Las Vegas also probably has one of the highest-density ...Read More »