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  • Bring Your Own Device is either viewed as a problem, a mandate to accommodate new ways to collaborate, or a statement of the obvious depending on if you are an IT director, a manager in the enterprise, or an end-user. If you are commissioned with security and reliable maintenance of a large network, the idea that people are brining their own devices into meetings and want to connect to your network can be terrifying - if you think I am being dramatic, take a read through some of the posts on LinkedIn's BYOD group.  Yet, if ...Read More »

  • In more evidence that the world of “collaborative" technologies is undergoing significant transformation - Video teleconferencing powerhouse Polycom announced today that their CEO Andy Miller resigned after an earnings call.  Although seemingly abrupt, the change might be an indication of a bigger trend. A quiet revolution began a few years ago among many of the world’s top companies who began to wonder - how can technology support interaction, creativity and communication across the enterprise? Legacy video telepresence limited to dedicated rooms goes against the grain of the flat hierarchical cultures that are the holy grail of most large enterprises. This trend ...Read More »

  • I was recently asked by a large Wall Street company to help define how enterprise can understand and take advantage of collaboration technologies.  You’d think the creation and launch of Solstice would have already helped to answer this question, but the ongoing dialog has been interesting.  One conversation that I’ve had is worth sharing here because it’s relevant to my readers. As part of the exercise, I asked the company to tell me how they have adopted other technologies in the past, and I challenged them to name the most impactful technology that has been deployed in their business.  The answer ...Read More »

  • I'm attending the Wainhouse Research UC&C Summit in Santa Clara today.  The analysts at Wainhouse have been following, analyzing, and sometimes even helping to guide the Unified Communications space for a long time, and their knowledge base is tremendous. The UC&C Summit is a gathering of software developers, hardware developers, integrators and end-users who are working with or utilizing technologies focused on collaboration. I won't go into a rant on the challenges of building technologies to support what is a fundamentally human-centered activity, other than to say it's an exciting area. I love events like ...Read More »

  • I learned today that PCWorld is halting its print publication and the current issue will be its last. PCWorld is making the move to focus on its digital editions and Web site. I know this may surprise some readers who are aware of my focus in the audio-visual space, but PCWorld was one of the key drivers that led me into the world of computing, so I find myself becoming nostalgic about those early magazines that brought the digital world into homes and libraries in such an analog way. Sometime in the mid-80s, I discovered the Read More »

  • When asked what they look for in a founder, most venture capitalists will almost always mention the ability to inspire others in their list of traits.  It turns out this attribute is just as important for leaders in startups as it is for leaders of large companies. Harvard Business Review recently reported on interesting results from IMB’s CEO study “Leading Through Connection” and its own research in the area. The top three abilities CEOs found most important in their leaders were the ability to focus on customer needs, the ability to effectively collaborate with colleagues, and the ability ...Read More »