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  • College campuses across the country are accepting students back to school for the fall semester, and many will be exposed to new approaches to learning that faculty members have begun to embrace. Starting almost a decade ago and hitting a fever pitch over the summer, universities have been struggling to embrace education in a world where information already sits at the fingertips of students, curiosity can be satisfied by Wikipedia and Google, and 25 percent of college students now walk onto campus with a tablet. Read More »

  • I’m in the process of working with the U.S. Patent Office on our latest display-related technology, and a really interesting related technology came to light.  Microsoft recently filed a patent for a projection-based display technology for laptops.  The patent filing describes an interesting coupling of the existing laptop display paradigm with augmented reality.  By embedding a projector into the base of the laptop so it can illuminate a wall behind the screen, a number of interesting applications arise. For example, your laptop could act like ...Read More »