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  • CEDIA, a major home audio-visual conference, was held here in Denver last week. It was great to have it in Mersive's hometown because colleagues, friends, resellers and design consultants came by our offices all day to take a look at demos of our products, chat about the latest in the visual computing space, and (in some cases) just go out for drinks and fun. Outside of some of the hotels, immersive restaurant displays, and a few high-end theaters, Mersive's primary focus is the enterprise space. ...Read More »

  • As companies like Apple and Samsung battle for the future of your in-home video experience, Sony quietly continues to bet that the fastest way to the consumer is through more pixels – 8.3 million of them to be exact. Sony announced its 4K Ultra HD video download service earlier this month, Video Unlimited. The service carries a catalog of more than 70 Ultra HD feature films and TV shows, primarily from Sony Pictures Entertainment. Using your Sony Ultra HD TV and the Sony media player, you can download these ...Read More »

  • Since the first days of computing – researchers have been interested in the boundary between humans and the computers they were designing; the human-machine interface.  I’m lucky enough to have an original copy of one of the first computer science conference proceedings, “Automata.” It’s an inspiring read.  Even back then, some of the fathers of modern computing were asking important questions about how machines were to interact with humans in a natural way. In the introduction to the proceedings, John Von Neumann (a scientist largely regarded as one of ...Read More »

  • From a purely consumer perspective, holographic display technologies have taken a back seat to other more mainstream advances like flexible OLEDs and laser-based projection. But even though you can’t watch NFL games on a holographic display, there is a strong community of scientists, engineers and even artists who are pushing the technology of holography and its uses. If you’re interested in AV technology, having even a cursory understanding of holography is valuable, and it may inform how you see other AV technologies you are working with every day. At the very least it will ...Read More »