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  • If you work in the AV space, it's increasingly true you are either working with video over IP or at least need to be educated about video streaming and transport. Many of you will have heard of Quality of Service (QoS) metrics as they relate to computer networks – the ability of a network to provide different priorities to different applications. If an application has real-time and fixed bit rate requirements and is delay sensitized, QoS can guarantee a certain level of service for those applications. It’s what allows voice over IP and video streaming to operate on the Internet ...Read More »

  • AV is fundamentally human-centric, so it should not be a surprise that design and design-led engineering is central to the products being developed by the AV market.  Well, surprise – it isn’t.  Part of the challenge for traditional AV companies is they emerged from such a deep area of science and engineering that they haven’t been able to transform themselves from engineering houses to human-centered product companies.  It’s part of the reason all of my readers have heard of Samsung and Apple, but only some are aware of Barco and AMX, which are both very big companies.  To be fair, ...Read More »

  • I'm on the road a lot in my work for Mersive and I've come to really appreciate when I get to a place that is well equipped with good tech.  The CNET TV show  "Always On" ran a feature this week highlighting how hotels are using cutting-edge technology as a new amenity. Hotel Zetta in San Francisco was featured as the "highest of the high tech" hotels. What's super cool about this - Hotel Zetta is a customer of ours.  The profile includes a look at Zetta's high-tech conference room available ...Read More »