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  • I have to admit, I ignore most newsletters that get past my inbox spam filter – but today’s InAVate digital magazine email blast caught my eye. The magazine is known for its coverage of AV products, but it also covers the more innovative side of visual computing. Today’s cover story is about the work at MIT to bring physical pixels to life. A physical pixel is really a “Dynamic Shape Display” that is composed of a set of pixels that take on color (via projection) and depth through physical ...Read More »

  • It looks as though another AV and electronics giant could be calling it quits on the consumer space. In October, Panasonic had already announced the end of its involvement with plasma TVs.  Even though plasma was once viewed as the television of choice for the technorati – the plasma platform has been increasingly pushed from the market in favor of brighter and cheaper LCD panels.  Most of us weren’t surprised when the move was announced, especially after poor television sales helped lead Panasonic to a $10 loss for the year. Read More »

  • Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with several of AV industry experts to discuss what’s going on in the world of AV for the AVWeek podcast. The conversation was fun and ranged from the viability of new flexible displays from Samsung to Intellectual Property and patent philosophy. To me, conversations such as these reiterate just how much the AV industry is evolving. I wanted to share the link here in case you are interested. AVWeek Episode 116: Rockstar Trolls Read More »

  • I've been on the road meeting with AV resellers that sell our products almost every week for the past couple months.  Selling software products in the integration industry is exciting.  The resellers are looking for high-margin, innovative products to sell and are also looking for ways to transition their business models. One thing is for certain: the AV industry is facing an inevitable infusion of IT. And there seems to be some reluctance on the part of AV integrators to immerse themselves in the IT world. I’ve shared my viewpoint on the subject ...Read More »

  • The battle for tablet dominance in the business space had already begun when Microsoft launched the Surface Pro. For the past few years, tablets that were initially purchased for their consumer draw have found their way into the business space. It's not clear who will come out on top, but I do know there are a few principles that end users are looking to find in their business tablet of choice. The war between Samsung, Apple, and Microsoft is in response to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative in business. The trend is only natural – you buy an ...Read More »