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  • As the end of the year draws near, analysts, CTOs, and futurists have been busy poring over product announcements, studying trends, and peering into the future with hopes of a great victory for their business or to warn of impending doom. These technology soothsayers have created their  “top 10 for 2014” lists that focus on consumer, enterprise and the audio/visual space. (My most recent favorite was from Commercial Integrator - Specifying the 25 Best of 2013.) I couldn’t help but join in the forecasting excitement with my own thoughts about the top 5 AV trends for 2014. Some of these ...Read More »

  • The three largest consumers of audio-visual products and services are the government, corporate, and education markets.  That’s why this weeks news that sequestration will be rolled back (at least in part – Hooray for the FBI!)  should be celebrated by the AV industry.  Uncertainty, budget reductions, and entire programs being cut over the past year has had a cooling effect on the market.  We have deep roots in the government sector and sell both Sol and Solstice to a large number of government agencies, so I’ve had a front-row seat to the effect the ...Read More »

  • Progress in the field of computer vision throughout the past five years has been tremendous.  Measured by its impact on products and the economy, computer vision has matured from a nascent set of interesting algorithms and open problems to a real powerhouse. Despite the fact that some of my colleagues like to point out my departure from the field so carefully coincides with this acceleration of success, I'm sure the real reason for this change is that computer vision is now being driven by consumer applications.  Our ...Read More »