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  • Many of my readers will have heard the news that Microsoft will be attending the InfoComm tradeshow this year.  Some of us have been talking about the convergence of AV and IT for years and Tim Albright rightly points out the importance of the news in his blog on AVNation. This year's InfoComm will mark the end of the Convergence Era and the beginning of a new era of Software-driven AV – where the value of software in AV is recognized and we stop distinguishing software from AV. In this new era, providing audio-visual technologies (the things we see, listen ...Read More »

  • IDC recently released its 2014 market predictions. There were three specific predictions that piqued my interest. While these predictions aren’t necessarily “news” to me, having data points from IDC confirms what we’re seeing in the market and tracks to what we're doing at Mersive with our Solstice software. Enterprise business mobility will require 60% of CIOs by 2017 to support an agile architecture with next-generation mobile applications. The demographic shift to young and mobile customers will require 80% of CIOs in consumer-facing businesses to integrate IT with public social networks by 2015. By 2016, 80% of the IT budget will ...Read More »

  • Recent research has discovered a new approach to Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) that may reduce or eliminate the need for the rare (and costly) metals needed to manufacture OLED displays.  Thanks to collaborative research at Regensburg, University of Bonn, University of Utah, and MIT – the cost and impact of OLED displays will be going down.  How is this possible? Read on if you want more than the headline. What are Organic Light Emitting Diodes? Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) are becoming the building blocks of choice for consumer displays for their ability to generate deep blacks and bright colors without ...Read More »

  • Like you, I’m back from the holiday break and ramping up for 2014.  I spent time in the backcountry and had time to reflect on how 2013 set the stage for what will prove to be our busiest year yet. By all metrics, 2013 was far and away the best year since we founded the company. Here are the highlights for last year that, I think, will help us and our partners absolutely kill it in 2014: The Launch of Solstice at the Right Time. Although the concept for Solstice has been in my head since 2008, we didn’t bring it ...Read More »