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  • In my mind, art and science play a similar role - predicting and often guiding new technical directions that will eventually make their way into the mainstream. This is why I was so excited to see the new immersive film installation Ten Thousand Waves at MOMA.  This exhibit, and others like it, highlight why projectors have a real future. The exhibit utilizes nine dual-projection screens, hanging throughout a large space to immerse viewers in a display that carries them through a tragic story drawing upon both ...Read More »

  • Today we announced the availability of Solstice Small Group Edition, the same wireless collaboration software but at a dramatically reduced price for settings when no more than four people will be sharing a display at the same time.  I think it's an important milestone on the path to changing the way we interact with our displays. In a society that is deploying millions of displays in our homes, public spaces and entertainment venues, it’s a shame how few of these displays are being used for collaboration and interactive education.  Today, the way that many flat panels are being used ...Read More »

  • I recently had an interesting conversation with someone in the product design space at a University that I wanted to share - and get your thoughts about. He asked, "you used to be a professor, should my students take computer science even if they don't want to be programmers?"  My answer probably won't surprise you... Software will have a revolutionary impact on just about every industry sometime in the near future - so yes, regardless of the career you want to take - if you want to be a leader in your field - you must be at ...Read More »