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  • Where does the room-based video conferencing market stand today and what will it look like in the future?  That's a great question and one I'll be discussing at Interop along with Eric Krapf, editor at No Jitter, John Lamarque of Cisco and Troy Trenchard who leads Unified Communications Applications at Avaya. The four of us will be participating in a collaboration session on Wednesday, April 2, from 4-5pm regarding the future of room-based video conferencing. I've always thought that video teleconferencing needs to support ad hoc meetings between users in better ways than ...Read More »

  • You've probably heard by now that Facebook is moving forward with an acquisition of Occulus VR - what was a grassroots, community-driven project to develop a killer virtual reality system will now become part of what Zukerberg calls "The next generation communications platform." Occulus makes the Occulus Rift, an immersive display that is head-worn. Immersion for the end user is total: Everything but the 1080p resolution image is blocked out, presenting you with a 90 degrees horizontal and 110 degrees vertical scene in 3D that, due to headtracking technology, allows the viewer ...Read More »

  • If you were to ask many of the Generation X members of the technology community about what inspired them to become computer scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs - it may be the emergence of "Virtual Reality" as a new computing paradigm in the early '90s. The novel that introduced the world to cyberspace - Neuromancer - by  William Gibson provided a vision of what cyber space and virtual reality were supposed to be. It consisted of immersive interfaces composed of everyday, interactable objects and for future computer scientists it promised exciting possibilities. In Gibson's vision, you could interact with ...Read More »

  • I'm on my way back from Enterprise Connect and the war between Cisco and Microsoft to be your unified communications provider is escalating.  It seemed that a lot of customers feel they are being pushed to declare allegiance to one platform or the other. Will you be a Lync+Skype user or focus on network infrastructure and web conferencing through WebEx? Users are sweating the decision. After all, it may be that a CIO's career depends on the success of their enterprise roll-out of one of these communication models. The good news is ...Read More »

  • Where is it warm and sunny and you can see all the latest systems, software, services and applications for enterprise communications and collaboration? If you answered Enterprise Connect in Orlando, FL you guessed correct.  It's hard to get me away from the Rocky Mountains during Spring climbing season - but this show promises to be a particularly interesting place to visit if you are interested in the Unified Communications space and where it is headed. I'll be attending Enterprise Connect next week and would like to invite you to come join me at booth 743. This is ...Read More »

  • It's been more than five years that the AV industry has been talking about the convergence of AV and IT. Most of the worlds video - at this point - is transported over Ethernet and not video cable, so if you're in the industry you know it's here and it's happening whether you like or not… Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Gary Kayye, over at rAVe Pubs who hosts the Rants and rAVes podcast to discuss just this and how our Solstice software has impacted the industry since we introduced it a ...Read More »