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  • I just had the opportunity to read an interesting analyst report that overviews new in-room technologies for collaboration, meeting room booking processes and utilization. It's what the analyst firms are calling meeting room space management ­ aka MRSM. And guess which company was included in the report? You got it ­ Mersive and our Solstice Display Software. We're not strangers to MRSM, our Sol software solution was a pioneer in the "software defined displays" space and was instrumental for military organizations, oil and gas companies and emergency responders when setting up their "War Rooms". These meeting rooms ...Read More »

  • We are gearing up for a major release this summer and the development team is already firing on all cylinders. With only six weeks from code complete and only a few months from market launch we're entering the phase of development that can be both exciting and tiring, when there is little room in the schedule for new changes. Throughout my career, I’ve read a lot of books and blogs that give advice about effective management, things that range from the mundane (reduce time in meetings), the abstract  (“fail fast! And iterate!"), to the obscure (hybridize your management process across ...Read More »

  • The next time you’re in a meeting and someone turns to their laptop to find something to share with the group, start counting – one, one thousand... Just how long does their disengagement from the conversation last? What happens to the collaborative dialog?  Does this cause the entire meeting to pause?  Technology, and our devices, now play an important role in the meeting room, and it's important to ask - what impact does it have on productivity?  I can see the frustration on colleagues faces when a meeting pauses while someone searches for a video cable that matches their laptop...this ...Read More »