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  • I'm sitting in a midtown hotel lobby in New York surrounded by what I call a technology inversion. What's that? Well, in general, the evolution of technology follows fairly predictable patterns. Large problems are given attention by large institutions (governments, academic communities, corporate research labs) and their solutions are then productized. These products are then utilized by these same large institutions until, much later, they find applications in small business, the home, and finally, the consumer space. This is a familiar story and was how almost all of your technology landscape evolved: your iPad is the product of ENIAC, ...Read More »

  • In a second installment of what’s going on in Mersive’s R&D shop – we are exploring gestural interfaces and the role they can play in a media-centered collaboration. Gesture has been an important topic in the computer science community for a long time and, once it became popularized in the movie “Minority Report” as a valid and intuitive interface, it has steadily made its way into the mainstream. Several of our customers who are are using Solstice to bring in dozens of live sources from desktops, iPads, and live video cameras has asked for it. Their need makes sense – when ...Read More »

  • It’s been a while since my last post, but for good reason – I've been deep underground (well mostly in an above-ground office, pubs, and our R&D lab) working with the Mersive team on some exciting new technologies. You may have heard me talk about how the era of the video cable is coming to an end, and that video streaming over standard networks will soon be the way we access display infrastructure. After all that’s been the point of years of our research and ultimately, the Solstice product. But before I show you a cool video demo from the ...Read More »