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  • A lot happens behind the scenes here at Mersive, most of which is done by the 18 people I share these four walls with. They also happen to be some of the most talented – and interesting –   people I know. Starting this month I’ll begin featuring interviews with one of the Mersive team members whom I have the pleasure to build, design and play foosball with. These “interviews” will highlight a few fun, random facts as well as their thoughts on our industry - all designed to give you a little glimmer of the colorful life we ...Read More »

  • I often take a look at where major grant funding is being spent as a way to keep tabs on major technology trends over the next 5-10 years. After all, when  NSF or DARPA puts millions of dollars of taxpayers money to work, it’s a bit like watching the Vegas line for college basketball – once I see bets being placed, I can pretty much predict who will be in the final four. Recently, there has been an increase in activity related to improving  the way we go about building software. DARPA, for example, recently funded ...Read More »