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  • I had some folks here at Mersive ask me how I describe the trend towards a more collaborative meeting culture. I started to describe the trends I’ve been seeing in both education and corporate enterprise that relate to more egalitarian, open, and ad-hoc collaboration processes. I was stopped, and the group re-posed the question, “Yes, but what is this trend called?” Well, as far as I know, it doesn’t go by a single name. I’ve head people refer to it as “Google-like” culture, “open design”, or “flat hierarchies”. None of those terms quite fit what I’ve been seeing... ...Read More »

  • The past decade of educational practice has seen some very important trends in how a classroom operates and how its participants interact.  Perhaps the most important of these is the move towards a less-hierarchical environment. Teachers are “embedded” with students to become colleagues and guides as the group explores and learns together. The traditional model of subject matter expert, lecturing for a few hours at the front of a room while students dutifully capture as much as they can is quickly disappearing. The model encourages students to take responsibility for their own discovery process, work with their peers, and to ...Read More »

  • It feels good to be back to work after the holidays, and things sure are abuzz here at Mersive already this year. With so much happening day-in and day-out, I continue to be amazed by our culture that seems to now be self-sustaining. I suppose when a group of people with talent and passion get together, culture takes care of itself. Entire books have been written on corporate culture, but rather than hypothesize about our own, I’d prefer to provide insight about our culture with an interview of Erin Orsulak, our channel manager.  She’ll shed some ...Read More »

  • Happy New Year! Technology gets off to a quick start at the CES show every year, and there is always plenty of marketing hype around “must have” personal technology toys. But the show can also be a bellwether for enterprise software, collaboration, and media tech that will impact the AV industry in the coming year. So, I thought I’d make note of the tech trends I have been tracking (and are re-enforced at this years show), tech trends  a savvy AV technologist should understand going into 2015. 2015 Tech Trends AV Technologist Should Understand Going Into 2015 1. VR and Personal Consumer Displays ...Read More »