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  • Work-life balance means something different in a technology start-up. For us at Mersive, it means that all those late nights and weekends are balanced by dedicated downtime, family time, and generally playing as hard as we work.  Getting that balance right means you have a vibrant innovative company that remains creative, happy, and ultimately more productive. It also means your company can, and should be composed of individuals that are, at their core, very different but complement one another with their different strengths. We work hard to foster cohesion and encourage collaboration between people who, passing on the ...Read More »

  • I was in Manhattan last week and was asked to tour a space that represents the future of a Fortune-50 company. An entire floor in their downtown headquarters had been built to create a more open, collaborative, and technology supported workspace that they will begin to roll out worldwide this year. It was both beautiful and functional – which is a real testament to the individuals within these companies and their AV consultants/integrators who are embracing the changing workplace. The views from the space were amazing, but I was more impressed by the depth of thought that had gone into envisioning the future of the corporate ...Read More »