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  • I’ve started the New Year with a near constant tour of conference rooms, war rooms, classrooms, huddle spaces, and other places where meetings of any kind are held. In the first three weeks of the year, I’ve visited four major cities and countless business and university campuses. I’ve been trying to gain a deeper understanding of meeting culture and how technology is impacting those trends, for better or worse. Some of the most consistent and obvious themes that I’ve noticed is that meetings need to start faster, involve more input from participants, and support seamless collaboration, which is centered around the content ...Read More »

  • The world of audio-visual technology and software has been an exciting place to be over the past several years.  Anyone who has seen the transition from analog to digital, to IP-based everything, and now to software can attest to that. It’s been both volatile (anyone remember Tweeter? How about Kodak?) and profitable for the right companies.  It looks like 2016 will be even more-so. Workplace transformations that began a few years ago (and had their roots in early research like the Office of the Future Project) are poised to dramatically change how AV companies ...Read More »