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  • Information is (accessible) everywhere. It’s changed the way we think, problem solve, and interact. In an age where developers can cut/paste code into demo products, marketers can re-purpose infographics into rapid-fire click-bait, and anyone with 10 minutes on the right Wikipedia page can sound like an expert – it’s worth asking: what skills can we foster that remain valued? There are plenty of these skills – deep cognition for example, or the ability to see connections no one else sees, create new generalizations, and make an inference to collect more information. I’d ...Read More »

  • I recently came across a marketing brochure from a competitor that outlines 'facts' about their offering and our own. The 'facts' turned out to be nothing more than marketing fantasy. Perhaps it’s my academic background, but unsubstantiated facts almost make me break out in a rash. Later in this article, I’ll outline the tests I ran to show their claims are wrong.  But I asked myself, why don’t we do something similar? It also made me ask, what role should marketing play at our company? I would argue that a successful marketing team ...Read More »