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  • We don’t need the recent media coverage to understand that social media can impose a negative influence on our lives. The rallying cry around social media that it 'brings people together' should be questioned. We can all relate to having twitchy thumbs that override what would normally be a relaxing moment of solitude, low-grade stress, and the feeling of isolation that comes from a constant feed of other people’s carefully curated, better-than-normal media streams.  Social technologies are not the only culprits – wearable IoT devices, 'collaboration' software (I’ll explain the air ...Read More »

  • I spent part of the weekend with some friends who are in the early stages of a new startup. While we don’t always talk shop, it’s inevitable that someone will open up about their latest challenges. The conversation we had ended up being interesting enough that I wanted to cover the topic with my readers. The discussion started with a simple statement from a founder and chief marketing officer who is looking to disrupt the healthcare payment space. She made the statement “our approach to product is 100% data-driven”. She’s a fantastic marketer ...Read More »