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  • In a field where technology and computer science are the disciplines of focus – it’s easy to imagine that user experience is an afterthought or at least tends to be less important. While it’s true that we spend much of our time looking at recent advancements in video compression, encryption, or analytics – most of our product development time is spent trying to get the user experience that wraps all of this wonderful technology together correctly. This is never more true than when I’m on the road talking with customers. Often the dialog turns ...Read More »

  • Social media type tools have found their way into the workplace in the form of collaboration suites. Tools like Microsoft teams, Slack, and Confluence can increase communication frequency and create simple archives of documents, images, and even our conversations. While this can be a powerful thing, there’s also a dark side that can lead to individualism, isolation, and disengagement. I covered the potential pitfalls of collaboration tools in the previous post and what type of products we’re building ...Read More »