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  • Startups require three important ingredients – a great idea, the willpower to see the idea from concept to execution, and of course, funds. In my experience willpower and funding are the rarest ingredients and lack of one or both is the root-cause behind startup failure. The good news is that there are many funding options when it comes to creating a company, and I’ve often been asked for funding advice from colleagues who are thinking about undertaking the startup journey like we did here at Mersive. One piece of advice I’d give is ...Read More »

  • I was fortunate enough to cross paths with the senior editor of a well-respected technology magazine while I was over in London last week.  It was a far-ranging discussion, but, on the flight back, I continued to think about the question he’d put to me regarding software that enables collaboration when we are together and how it relates to existing video teleconferencing systems. You see – there has been relatively little technology developed that supports us when we are together with our colleagues, but a huge history of technologies that focus on when we ...Read More »