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  • The science of meetings is fascinating. How do we best communicate with one another when we find ourselves sitting across from each other in a conference room?  How do we solve problems, build confidence in one another, share?  It’s an interesting area of our lives to explore – particularly because the workday is composed of a series of meetings where (I hope) we’re trying to have meaningful impact. Anyone who designs, deploys, or supports technology for the workplace should take the time to really understand what’s happening when ...Read More »

  • It’s dark, cramped, and dry.  A single elevator slides more than 600 feet underground creaking to a stop to deliver a solitary visitor and their payload – a locked case carrying an original 35mm print.  What’s in that case?  The original celluloid print of Star Wars?  Something more modern like Christopher Nolan’s 35mm cut of The Dark Knight Rises? Whatever it is, it’s destined for storage in a secure facility, locked into an abandoned salt mine below the Kansas plains.  The facility ...Read More »