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Earth Day Commentary: It’s Not Hard Being Green

We had a customer in our office today who made a comment about our being a good “Earth day” company when they saw the bicycles in the hallway.  The fact is many of us at Mersive ride our bikes to work every day regardless, but it made me think what a good Earth day company we are because of what we bring to the marketplace.

When we help our partners and customers create a virtual projector by using commodity hardware and Mersive’s software, the result is a display size and image quality that is a fraction of the cost, in a smaller footprint AND more energy efficient.

Here’s a quick comparison I just did that illustrates what I’m talking about.

A Sony SRX-T420 costs around $150,000 and provides:

Resolution: 4096×2160 = 8.8M pixels
Brightness: 21,000 lumens
Min. Projection Distance: 9 feet
Pixels per Dollar: 60
Energy Efficiency: 1638 pixels/watt

In sharp contrast, we can package four BenQ – SP981 projectors with Mersive Sol Software for less than $15,000 and produce:

Resolution: 3840×2160 = 8.2M pixels
Brightness: 16,000 lumens
Min. Projection Distance: 3 feet
Pixels per Dollar: 648
Energy Efficiency: 3456 pixels/watt

So  I’m heading home on my bike knowing that’s not the only thing we’re doing to be green at Mersive.

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