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Laser and Solid-State Illumination Projectors on the Rise

Today I’m in Las Vegas for this year’s InfoComm and Projection Summit. This is always an exciting time of year for A/V. It’s fun to see the new technologies, approaches and advancements coming out of an ever-growing industry. I ran into this article on the way out here, and it occurred to me that there seems to be an exceptional amount of success in laser and solid-state illumination projectors. It’s quite remarkable that the growth in projectors sales for this year are set to be 20 percent higher than 2011. This may be a direct result of the development of LED, laser and LED/laser hybrid projectors, which are more sustainable and have a much higher reliability than older projectors.

LED and laser-based projectors are popping up everywhere, including conference rooms, schools and hospitals. I’m sure I’ll see a ton of them at InfoComm. Earlier this year we saw Laser Light Engines demonstrate a fully despeckled super bright laser illumination system. Christie also released the Matrix StIM, which was a simulation system designed with solid state illumination.  BenQ has introduced a line of LED and laser-based projectors that will be showcased at InfoComm. BenQ will be using Mersive’s Sol software in a demonstration with eight BenQ SH960 high-brightness projectors. The projectors and software will be driving a 340-degree cylindrical surface. I can’t wait to see the outcome of this collaboration.

In the Mersive booth, we’ll be utilizing four BenQ LW61ST blue core laser projectors in a 2×2 rear-projected demonstration.  We’re also using six of BenQ’s GP2 Mini Projectors in a curved desktop format.

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