• 3 Myths about Video Conferencing

    I was fortunate enough to cross paths with the senior editor of a well-respected technology magazine while I was over in London last week.  It was a far-ranging discussion, but, on the flight back, I continued to think about the question he’d put to me regarding software that enables collaboration when we are together and how it relates to existing video teleconferencing systems. You see – there has been relatively little technology developed that supports us when we are together with our colleagues, but a huge history of technologies that focus on when we ... Read More »

  • AI for AV – Kepler Analytics and Insights

    Well, we may have come full circle. A company founded out of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision that found a home in the world of AV – is now launching what can be viewed as an Analytics and AI engine. Kepler launched recently – after more than a year of design and development – and our user community will be able to monitor, manage, and understand their Solstice-enabled rooms like never before. Kepler will allow users to capture usage statistics in real-time in fine-grained detail that goes way beyond the red-light/green-light AV status ... Read More »

  • Security Through Light: The World’s First Quantum-secured Video Conference

    My readers will know that I tend to focus on topics related to collaboration, user-interaction, and generally building products that help us work together. You may be surprised to learn that a significant amount of my time is spent thinking about security. As devices become increasingly attached to our enterprise networks – those same devices must be secure, good citizens of the network infrastructure. Even products that were once considered “standalone”, for example most AV hardware, are connected to the network for better monitoring, ease-of-use, and pervasive access for users. As an aside, if you ... Read More »

  • Building for Everyone

    I recently returned from an event in Toronto where I had the chance to meet technology leaders from both academics and industry. We were in the Distillery District - a neighborhood of cobblestone streets, open cafes, and hidden lofts supported by dark wooden beams. The venue was beautiful but felt a bit elitist, so I was really happy to discover that the conversation turned to accessibility for the impaired and the challenge of building technologies that can support everyone. The point was made that most companies view accessibility features as an ... Read More »

  • How Mersive Designs User Experience

    In a field where technology and computer science are the disciplines of focus – it’s easy to imagine that user experience is an afterthought or at least tends to be less important. While it’s true that we spend much of our time looking at recent advancements in video compression, encryption, or analytics – most of our product development time is spent trying to get the user experience that wraps all of this wonderful technology together correctly. This is never more true than when I’m on the road talking with customers. Often the dialog turns ... Read More »