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Rants and RAVes: The Convergence of AV and IT

It’s been more than five years that the AV industry has been talking about the convergence of AV and IT. Most of the worlds video – at this point – is transported over Ethernet and not video cable, so if you’re in the industry you know it’s here and it’s happening whether you like or not…

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Gary Kayye, over at rAVe Pubs who hosts the Rants and rAVes podcast to discuss just this and how our Solstice software has impacted the industry since we introduced it a year ago this month. I made the claim that when we talk about AV and IT convergence we are really talking more about which physical cables we use – we are talking about how software is transforming AV hardware. Not sure Gary agreed with me, but as we celebrate Solstice’s one year anniversary we can now officially say it is the “first collaborative product between IT and AV”. Gary said it, not us. Hear it for yourself.

Rants and rAVes: The Convergence of AV and IT

If you’re not familiar with Solstice, Gary sums it up pretty well. “Think Barco ClickShare via software (no hardware needed) but with compatibility with every OS, computer and mobile device. Solstice is virtual signal routing via software and as our industry moves closer and closer to being one with the IT world, this represents a bridge for any AV’er to do IT.”

Want to try Solstice? Try it for free for 30-days.

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