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tech+ Podcast – Digital Nomadism: The Office is Anywhere

Season 2 Episode 2

How did we decide where to live and what forces drove us to be where we are today?

In this episode, we will explore external factors that are launching a transition for many to experience a wider acceptance around work flexibility. We will delve into the background of an increasingly attainable lifestyle known as digital nomadism. Discover how this lifestyle has come to fruition in new ways and why individuals are moving from vibrant urban areas to less populated and more remote regions. Most importantly, how is technology impacting the experience of these digital nomads?

Mersive’s Senior Product Manager Ryan Lee will share his first-hand experience of being a digital nomad and what has pushed him to trade the bustling urban center of Denver for a more remote region of southwest Colorado. 

Here to take you on this journey is your host, Mersive CTO and Founder Christopher Jaynes, PhD.

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