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Technology at Scale – The Future of Cities

Season 2 Episode 3

How will we design and run our cities in the future?

In this episode, we explore ‘smart cities’ – the idea that with the right set of network sensors, backend processing power, and communication, you can run an entire city in new ways. While life due to technology has changed dramatically since ancient times – with new ways to communicate, navigate, and transport ourselves – at the city scale, things haven’t changed nearly as much. Smart cities consider technology at a massive scale to better design and manage our urban environments.

What are the technologies that enable us to move into the smart city era? And beyond the sensors, networks, and computing power required to create a smart city, what role do citizens play in both contributing to and using the data provided for positive outcomes? Can smart cities help to solve seemingly unmanageable trends in congestion, gentrification, pollution, homelessness, and other urban issues?

Learn more with your host, Mersive CTO & Founder Christopher Jaynes, PhD. 

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