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The A/V Industry – A Multi-Faceted Ecosystem

Rob Balgley (our CEO) caught up with me over breakfast today about his adventures from last week’s technology and marketing roadshow with Sapphire Marketing.  The show had events in Boston and New York, and it sounded like it was a real success. The Delta Solarium was on display, and Rob met a large number of people from the industry that could use a low cost, very high-resolution complete display wall.

This event brought together visualization specialists, educational partners, design consultants and architects.  As he was describing the different conversations he had, I was struck by how incredibly diverse the A/V industry is.

The A/V ecosystem is made up of at least five distinct and talented groups of people:

– Consultants and designers
– Technologists and engineers
– Production and creative directors
– Installers and integrators
– Resellers and dealers

Each of these groups plays a distinct role in delivering visualization and A/V solutions to end-users, and some end of playing more than one role.  I’ve even met a few folks that may qualify for all five!  Most A/V installations involve several of these groups working together to deliver an amazing end-user experience, ranging from a 3×1 Solarium in the conference room, a back-projected visualization wall for Oil & Gas, a video DJ club experience, to a completely immersive dome for satellite tracking.

Although Mersive is a software company, many of our partners are from the A/V industry. Part of the key to Mersive’s success has been our ability to work with all of these different groups. But I have to admit, it’s easy coming to work every day  when  we are partnered with such a great (and diverse) set of people who are working on such an incredible range of applications.

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