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Unified Communications: Some Safe Ground in the War between Cisco and Microsoft

I’m on my way back from Enterprise Connect and the war between Cisco and Microsoft to be your unified communications provider is escalating.  It seemed that a lot of customers feel they are being pushed to declare allegiance to one platform or the other. Will you be a Lync+Skype user or focus on network infrastructure and web conferencing through WebEx? Users are sweating the decision. After all, it may be that a CIO’s career depends on the success of their enterprise roll-out of one of these communication models.

The good news is there is safe ground within the Unified Communications space. That safe ground is in the meeting room and classroom.  Mersive’s Solstice software enriches the collaboration experience in ways that are completely neutral to the wide-area platforms from Microsoft and Cisco.

I was asked repeatedly at the show if we can operate with both Microsoft and Cisco, and in each conversation, I was able to explain that our collaboration software easily integrates and works well with whichever platform the enterprise selects. If you want to push a Solstice display as a content feed through a Lync meeting, or share your Solstice session through WebEx – it just works.  Whether you’re a CIO whose job depends on adopting a wide-area solution, or an AV consultant helping design a future-proof, enterprise-wide collaboration system for your customers – at least you don’t have to sweat your choice for in-room wireless collaboration.

Whichever side you find yourself on, if you want to find a safe house – you’ll find it in the area of in-room collaboration. Regardless of the choice you make, users will be able to walk into a room, publish their content and begin meetings quickly and easily.  The rest is up to you (and the company partner you pick)

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