• The Isolated Worlds of Video Conferencing

    I participated in a Unified Communications panel at InfoComm about three years ago. It was a great panel with representation from companies like Cisco, Polycom, and (the now defunct) Tely Labs. I was the oddball of the bunch; promising the audience that a focus on software to improve proximate meetings was needed at least as much as a focus on meetings with remote participants. The panel was fun and ended with some real fireworks as a theme of audience questions began to emerge—interoperability. Audience member after audience member pointed out that while all the video conferencing providers claim ... Read More »

  • A Futurist’s Guide to InfoComm

    We are one week out from one of the most important events related to the Audio/Video, Unified Communications, and all things Collaborative industry – InfoComm 2019 in Orlando. There is plenty of information out there about the event, and every vendor (including my own company) has probably bombarded readers with “Come to our booth!” messaging. I’ve seen some great publications about how to approach the show in general. This guide is for those of us who want to seek out the broader trends, look for ... Read More »

  • In Response to the Security Week Article: A Wake-Up Call for AV

    There’s been quite a shakeup in the wireless collaboration world – it’s a wakeup call, and the AV community should take notice. On May 2nd, Security Week published an article by Edward Kovacs. The article, Many Vulnerabilities Found in Wireless Presentation Devices, describes how researchers at Tenable have discovered 15 security vulnerabilities across eight wireless collaboration systems, including flaws that can be exploited to remotely inject commands and even install software on those units. This is some very serious stuff and given that, ... Read More »

  • De-Stress at Work – The 3-level to-do list

    It’s national stress awareness month, so I thought I’d share one of the techniques I use at work to reduce stress for my readers.  We’re a company that focuses on making your meetings something you can actually enjoy, and my own design team will talk about “Destressing” opportunities in our own UI.  However, there are plenty of platitudes about the stressful life of an entrepreneur, and most are true, – but everyone in the modern workplace, not just entrepreneurs, find stress creeping into their day.  As a founder, I have to balance my amazing family, 2-3 ... Read More »

  • Security in the World of IoT

    I want to talk to anyone who is building, deploying, managing, or deciding on what products to buy in the Internet of Things era. Yes, this includes those of you in the AV space (read on). Our Generation 3 platform just passed its third-party penetration testing cycle with flying colors. We’re sharing those results with our customers in finance, pharma, energy, and tech and they are happy. A third-party pen test is a long and arduous process but crucial to instilling consumer trust and confidence in your product. One customer commented to me recently “I wish other ... Read More »