• The Ripple Effect – Your Premeeting Chatter Matters

    The science of meetings is fascinating. How do we best communicate with one another when we find ourselves sitting across from each other in a conference room?  How do we solve problems, build confidence in one another, share?  It’s an interesting area of our lives to explore – particularly because the workday is composed of a series of meetings where (I hope) we’re trying to have meaningful impact. Anyone who designs, deploys, or supports technology for the workplace should take the time to really understand what’s happening when ... Read More »

  • Salt Mines, KeyChains, and Media:  3 Things AV should know about HDCP

    It’s dark, cramped, and dry.  A single elevator slides more than 600 feet underground creaking to a stop to deliver a solitary visitor and their payload – a locked case carrying an original 35mm print.  What’s in that case?  The original celluloid print of Star Wars?  Something more modern like Christopher Nolan’s 35mm cut of The Dark Knight Rises? Whatever it is, it’s destined for storage in a secure facility, locked into an abandoned salt mine below the Kansas plains.  The facility ... Read More »

  • This is What Disruptive Looks Like

    As part of my quest to better understand the UC/AV space – I’ve been reading a lot of research reports. This week I put two reports together to realize something pretty interesting: The Professional video cable market is predicted to reach revenues of $2 billion by 2024. If you sell cable to the enterprise – that sounds like good news, until you realize that the wireless video sharing enterprise market has already exceeded $2 billion and is forecasted to exceed 4.5 billion soon. The ProAV cable market has been around ... Read More »

  • The Isolated Worlds of Video Conferencing

    I participated in a Unified Communications panel at InfoComm about three years ago. It was a great panel with representation from companies like Cisco, Polycom, and (the now defunct) Tely Labs. I was the oddball of the bunch; promising the audience that a focus on software to improve proximate meetings was needed at least as much as a focus on meetings with remote participants. The panel was fun and ended with some real fireworks as a theme of audience questions began to emerge—interoperability. Audience member after audience member pointed out that while all the video conferencing providers claim ... Read More »

  • A Futurist’s Guide to InfoComm

    We are one week out from one of the most important events related to the Audio/Video, Unified Communications, and all things Collaborative industry – InfoComm 2019 in Orlando. There is plenty of information out there about the event, and every vendor (including my own company) has probably bombarded readers with “Come to our booth!” messaging. I’ve seen some great publications about how to approach the show in general. This guide is for those of us who want to seek out the broader trends, look for ... Read More »